Lyle Randolph
Simone Randolph
Max Randolph
Fallan Logan
Lydia Randolph
Brynn Logan
Arthur Logan
Jace Anderson
Rafael Vega
Meta Randolph
T.J. Randolph
Kenzy McClellan
Senator Adams
Dr. James Bishop
Addie Altmann

The Passionate & The Privileged is the only original scripted daytime drama on Twitter.


SEASON 2 FINALE: When Stars Collide (9/29/11)

New? Try Season 1, Episode 1: And So It Begins

P&P TIP: You don't have to join Twitter or follow any accounts to watch P&P! Just click LAUNCH Tues & Thurs at 3PM EST to watch Hunston Hill come alive. It's easy!

What is The Passionate & The Privileged?

The Passionate & The Privileged is the only live original scripted daytime drama on Twitter!

Get ready for romance, intrigue, betrayal, love, heartbreak & humor as you journey into the lives of the residents of Hunston Hill.

P & P is a tale of two powerful families... and a 200 year rivalry re-ignited by an unlikely love. Will the modern day descendants of bitter enemies ever come together? Or is it their destiny to be torn apart? What secrets, hidden for decades, will finally be revealed? Why did the handsome hitchhiker come to Hunston Hill? And who murdered Rosalee Randolph?

Find out by watching P & P live every Tues & Thurs @ 3PM EST!

How do I watch The Passionate & The Privileged?

You can watch P & P from anywhere with an internet connection, even from your phone!

Watch P & P here every Tuesday & Thursday @ 3PM EST on our realtime OFFICIAL LIVE STREAM. You don't have to join Twitter, just click the LAUNCH button and watch the drama unfold. Our custom stream features pause/play buttons, instant Translations, inline pics & video, and styled tweets.

You can also follow our OFFICIAL LIST (What's a Twitter list?) and tune in on (or the Twitter app of your choice) every Tues & Thurs @ 3PM EST.

A daytime drama on Twitter? How does that work?

Think of it as a cross between a radio serial and a good book you can watch live.

Along with our P & P Narrator, every character in The Passionate & The Privileged will tweet from their own Twitter account. Twice weekly, you watch a single stream that follows ALL of the accounts as the show is tweeted live. The narrator sets the scene and the characters tweet their dialogue at a conversational pace. The story plays out in front of you, you never know what a character might say next!

What happens to the characters between shows?

They go about their business in Hunston Hill, of course!

You can follow any P & P character on Twitter and tweet them directly. They'll tweet you back! Keep in mind, we have no control over what they say... or what they spoil.

Who's playing the P & P characters?

Now that's mystery bigger than who killed Rosalee Randolph!

Like a book, how the P & P characters look will be left up to your imagination. We can tell you that our cast includes Daytime actors, Film & TV actors, writers, comedians and non-performers who we think are stars in the making on Twitter...

Can I create my own P & P list on Twitter?

Sure, just add the Twitter accounts from our Official list to your own list!

Make sure you follow @pandptheshow to be notified when new characters will be tweeting. We wouldn't want you to miss out on a command performance from Orderly #2.

Do I need a Twitter account to watch P & P?

No, you don't need a Twitter account to watch our OFFICIAL LIVE STREAM.

Though we can't promise you'll be able to resist joining Twitter for long.

What if I miss a show? They don't have reruns on Twitter, do they?

No, but we do!

If you miss an episode of P & P, or are a new viewer, check our our Episode Guide to catch up on the show. You can view any episode as tweeted! We've even reversed the tweet display order for easy viewing.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing you in Hunston Hill...

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